Swanky Short Hairstyles for Men

So, what would be your next pick – a cool crew cut, funky medium spikes or the formal razor cuts? The typical fashion of having dreadlocks or long-length curly hairs missed the shot for me. I mean, who likes to walk into a sassy corporate program looking like a funky Rockstar? I am a white collared cog. So locks and ducktails are definitely not to my liking. Hairstyles for men should not be overly complicated. A free-flowing, easy-to-handle hairdo works just fine. Unlike ladies, men cannot keep changing hairstyles every now and then. Are you obligated to look formal at your job place and simultaneously turn heads with a fashionable and casual hairstyle at a party or some gala event? Wonderful! Read below and check out my list of the best and very modish hairstyles suited for almost every man on Earth.

Words of relief – You just require hairs on your head for these hairstyles. Jim Morrison or Slash kind of hairstyles can take a backseat for now!


Easy and Messy Undercut Short Hairstyle


David Beckham

David Beckham is a renowned personality? It’s not just football that has earned him this colossal craze but Beckham is a crackerjack hair icon too. From his curtain hairdo to his bleached hair and the very elegant slicked back hairstyle, Beckham can carry off any style amazingly well. This time, it is the undercut hairdo that’s making people totally nuts. It’s absolutely easy to tackle and requires no special efforts in styling the hair every-day. Believe it or not, it’s all very messy yet very cool and classy. Just ensure that your hair has volume on the crown. However, the sides and back can be shaved all the way down. Also keep a check that the hair on the crown should not be long in length. Medium-hair is perfect. For a classy, formal look, you can always choose to go for a tousled style. Get your hands on some quality matte hair product for this look. Perk – An undercut short hairstyle can be reworked in multiple ways!


Spikes on Top



Spikes have been real trendsetters for years now. Best suited for men with a wide and round face shape, spiky hairstyles mostly stands out in crowds. Doing it is not much of a hassle. All you need is a spiking glue to hold-up your hair spikes for long. Make sure your hair is dry when sporting this look. Gently apply a hair styling product and run your fingers to spike your hair upwards. Twist and set a few spikes near the crown to finish off.

Warning: If you are a person with a long oval face, this hairstyle is certainly not good for you. Pointy spikes and long faces are a miserable match.


 Cropped Buzz

Short Hairstyles

Sported by numerous eminent personalities like Brad Pitt and Beckham, the buzz cut or the more popular crew cut is certainly hot and very trendy. The best part, this hairdo is also reckoned as a low-maintenance hairstyle. Once a hairstyle that was sported by military professionals only is now a popular choice of all and sundry. Buzz cuts brilliantly accentuates the look of a defined jaw-line. Surely a smart choice!


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