Jazz Up Your Long Boring Hair with the Very Fashionable Fishtail Braid!

Have you been flaunting the dull and boring layered hairstyle for long now? Sick of it already? Not a problem, there are tons of hairstyles you could switch to for a fresh, sexy look. Don’t bother about getting those tresses chopped. I understand how long you’ve waited for them to grow to a desirable length. How about transforming the plain-layered hairstyle to some cool and funky updo? Think it’s a great idea? Read on……..

Luckily you are already a long-haired girl and believe it or not, it is very feminine. However, to spot a difference and rope in attention, there is a pressing need for a fresh new hairstyle. You can either go for styles that pep-up the whole hairdo with an amazing volume and swing or choose to go on a bit more complicated route. Styling hair is no Herculean task that calls for a fuss. As long as you are aware of the know-how on how to get going with a promising hairstyle and you also have your hands on the right set of tools and products, accomplishing a cool hairstyle is a piece of cake. Don’t believe? Well, take a look then:

The Famous Fishtail Braid

Who said white-collared cogs couldn’t look fashionable at work? One-cut hairstyles and uptight ponies are boring. Time for a change and what better than donning a fishtail braid? I know, I know, this braid looks like a lot of work. But my friend the truth is – a little practice can make this hairstyle effortlessly simple.

Fishtail Braid

How to style a fishtail braid?
  • To start with, ensure that your hair is absolutely dry. Prep your hair and comb it well, such that there are no tangles at all.
  • Partition your hair into two equal sections.
  • Considering you are not a leftie, pull out a thin strand of hair from the outer part of the right section and tuck it along-with the hairs on the left section. You can also choose to go from left-to-right, doesn’t make a difference really.
  • Many might be wondering why section out thin strands of hair and not thicker strands, especially when it cuts-down the work by half? Well, for a beautiful and intricate fish tail braid, it is best suggested to pick styling with thin strands of hair.
  • Keep repeating the process of alternating strands of hair from one section to another until a gorgeous fishtail is created.

That’s it. Did you still feel that making a fishtail braid is overly complicated? Infact, you can easily modify the braid with almost no effort. While sticking to a tight fishtail braid can work wonders for a serious professional look, pulling out the sections and making it a bit messy can give you that glam-sham, funky and sexy appeal you were long craving for.

No major hair-care products or sprays are required to do this hairstyle. However, if you haven’t mastered the trick of doing a proper fishtail braid and yet wish to have the most perfect and neatest braid of all, try using some nice and long-lasting hair spray to help keep the strands restored.

Happy Hairstyling!

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