Geisha Hair Tutorial

Geisha are the traditional females in Japan who entertain as hostesses using their skills like performing various Japanese arts included conversation, classical music, games and dance specifically to entertain male customers. They usually have different traditional dressing with a unique hairstyle called “Geisha Hair”. If you are looking to have a hairstyle like this, the given Geisha Hair Tutorial is going to help you to get a Japanese traditional female look.

Things you need

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Gel
  • Hairspray
  • Hair Sponge
  • Bobby Pins
  • Elastics
  • Flowers
  • Chopsticks

Brush, gel and spray are basic equipment to style your hair, sponge, elastics and bobby pins are to grab the desired shape, and we use flowers and chopsticks for traditional Japanese geisha hairstyle.

Easy Step to make a geisha hairstyle

First of all we need four sections: top, back, left and right sides.

Step 1. Start with sectioning hairs on top, tie the upper section with a hairclip

Step 1

Image by Mini Mel

Step 2. Create another section at the back side of head; leave some hair on the ears for left and right side sections

Step 2

Image by Mini Mel

Step 3. Tie the back section using elastic, it is temporary

Step 3

Image by Mini Mel

Step 4. Come to the side part and spray the hair in order to give it a smooth look

Step 4

Image by Mini Mel

Step 5. Do back combing process and add hair gel to add a shiny look to the hair

Step 5

Image by Mini Mel

Step 6. Take your finger inside the hair and create a loop at the side of hair

Step 6

Image by Mini Mel

Step 7. Use at least two bobby pins to secure the loop

Step 7

Image by Mini Mel

Step 8. Do the same process on another side of head

Step 8

Image by Mini Mel

Step 9. Untie the top section down and split it into two parts

Step 9

Image by Mini Mel

Step 10. Do again back combing process on lower part of top section

Step 10

Image by Mini Mel

Step 11. Do the same process on upper part of top section, use hair spray then back combing

Step 11

Image by Mini Mel

Step 12. Add some hair gel for nice look; put the sponge to increase the volume of top section

Step 12

Image by Mini Mel

Step 13. Smooth the hair with hairbrush, tie them using elastic then secure the section with bobby pins

Step 13

Image by Mini Mel

Step 14. Take the remaining side hair, create a loop on finger and put it into the big loop you create at first, use bobby pins to secure the loop and do the same process on other side with remaining hair

Step 14

Image by Mini Mel

Step 15. Create a loop with whole with the upper remaining section of hair and secure the loop using bobby pins as many as you can then use hair spray to give the shape a smooth look

Step 15

Image by Mini Mel

Step 16. Use bun equipment on the bottom section and give it a bun shape then secure with using bobby pins

Step 16

Image by Mini Mel

Step 17. Accessories the hair using flowers and chopsticks

Step 17

Image by Mini Mel

Step 18. The results

Step 18

Image by Mini Mel

Source: Mini Mel

The bottom line

The above-shared geisha hair tutorial is one of the easiest ways to grab geisha hairstyle. However, there are several other ways to get a look like geisha females. If you are a beginner, go with the above shared tutorial once do some practices and go with the other ways of the same style.

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