Easy Hairstyles for Kids

Zig Zag Ponytail

There are several ways to do your child’s hair without having all sorts of products and other tools handy like you see at the salons. Kids play and run all day long so sticking with easy to do styles is important. Whether you have a little princess or a prince, here are a few ideas to get you started.

No Heat Curls

No Heat Curls

If you want a fun twist on curly hair but are tired of subjecting heat to your little one’s hair, there is a way to get luscious locks without the heat and added product. Divide the hair into small sections, twist them and circle them into a bun and secure in place with a twist tie. Let the hair dry and take them out and let the curls drop. Shake the curls out so they evenly disburse all over. Spray with light spray and allow to set and voila!

Textured Toby

Textured Toby

This is an adorable hairstyle for your little man and if you’re looking for a no fuss hairstyle this is the way to go for your little one. Keep the hair short around the sides and the back while keeping it longer at the top. This is a great idea to choose for hair that has a cowlick which can throw a little one’s hair off especially from rough sleeping the night before. Throw in a little texturizing product to give your little guy a slick style.

Messy Max

Some boys that have longer hair have the ability to rock a mop top look and because hair is tapered around the ears and clean around the neck this is a fun haircut to style. It offers a whispy texture that makes styling fun. While the hair is wet arrange the hair into place using the fingers and let the hair dry or you can use a blow-dryer to remove any wetness from the hair.

You can use a texturizing spray to help give the hair a little more depth and to help it stay in place giving it a wavy beachy look. Texturizing sprays work well when sprayed in wet hair that’s allowed to dry naturally.

Bob Hairstyles

For little girls, a simple bob hairstyle will work in a number of ways. Your little girl can style her hair in a number of ways whether up or down. Bob hairstyles can be dressed up or down and can be worn for any number of occasions just as it is. Some get layers tapered into their hair which can add texture, length and depth giving the appearance of more hair. You can add curl into this hairstyle by drying it with a round brush and a blow dryer as you curl the brush towards the end. This is an easy to maintain style and is great for all hair types.

Hairstyles for kids can be easy or harder the more advanced you are at doing certain styles. Some are easy and some are a little trickier. These styles are great for running around the playground or a day out shopping with the parents or with friends.

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