7 Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyle Ideas and Tutorials

Flat Twist Hairstyles Source: blackgirllonghair.com

There are several types of flat twist hairstyles that you can grab with curly hairs. Some ideas for flat twist hairstyles you may go with ease. Simply pick your favorite one and get stylish with the curly hair.

1. Flat Twist Pin Up Do

Flat Twist Pin Up Do

Source: Pinterest.com

KekKe52284 is a girl on YouTube who tried this hairstyle with her flat twist hair and she got it perfectly right. She did several things with her hair but this one looks pretty good. This would be a great example of protective style because all of your hair tucked from roots to the end. If you want to keep your hair healthy this hairstyle would be perfect for you.

2. Chunky Flat Twist

Chunky Flat Twist

Source: galleryhip.com

Chunky Flat Twist is a quick and easy to grab hairstyle that gives you a perfect look for all oceans. It doesn’t require much time and effort to grab but you should have dry or dirty hairs to grab this hairstyle.

3. Slanted Flat Twist Updo

Slanted Flat Twist Updo

Source: Pinterst.com

You will feel proud having this hairstyle, you can easily create this hairstyle even you twist the back of your head for the very first time. It can be easily converted into other flat twisted hairstyles.

4. Side swept with twist out

Side swept with twist out

Source: pinterest.com

You would not like the first look of this hairstyle, but it definitely grew pleasantly after the final touch. This hairstyle is going to make your face free from hair by getting side swept with twist out.

5. Flat Twist Out on Transitioning

Flat Twist Out on Transitioning

Source: Aroundthewaycurls.com

Flat twisted out on transitioning is one of the easy to grab hairstyle with curly hairs however, to grab the hairstyle for longtime you would need at least 3 months for transitioning your hair.

6. Strand Flat Twist

Strand Flat Twist

Source: Seventeen.com

This is another classic hairstyle that allows you to have a decent look with flat twist hairstyle. This hairstyle shows you to get the look like natural twist hair and perfectly compatible for all events even for braids. All you need bobby pins and moisturizing cream to make strand flat twist.

7. Silky Flat Twists

Silky Flat Twists

Source: etsy.com

You just need to have a synthetic silky hair to your flat twist, but the professional hairstylist can give you the look of silky flat twists. This hairstyle is best for brides as it take time, effort and some professional hair tools to make.

Easy Step to Get Flat Twist Hair

Flat Twist Hairstyles

Source: blackgirllonghair.com

Step 1. Part hair using rat-tail comb, this way you can get a basic flat twist style, start parting at the hairline and go to the nape of the neck. On average base you can make sections about one inch wide

Step 2. Hold the hairs using hair clips

Step 3. Comb the sections you made using wide-tooth comb before twisting, this way will you’re your work easy to twist the hair

Step 4. Use hair gel to protect the sections

Step 5. Divide hair into two small sections by using the hairline. Twist these sections to each other.

Step 6. Pull hair from the scalp and twist them. This is what styles the twisted hair to flat mode on your scalp

Step 7. Twist all hairs to the ends. In case of having straight hairs, use rubber bands hold the ends

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