5 Popular Cheerleading Hairstyles

Basic Ponytail Image by: haironthebrain.com

As a cheerleader, you need a secured cheerleading hairstyle to perform well. There are some traditional looks of cheerleading hairstyles like two pigtails looks cute to all cheer girls but today a number of hairstyles got popular. The under given general cheerleading hairstyles can be created more pleasantly by adding ribbons, bow or other things as per the event.

1. Two High Pigtails

High Pigtails

Image by: stylisheve.com

This is a cute but traditional hairstyle for cheerleaders created with two high pigtails on sides, right and left. It is very easy to create, use brush or comb and part hair from the center, hold hair in hand and lift it up and create a pigtail over the ear and secure it with an elastic band. Repeat the process on another side. It can create more beautiful using ribbons or bow on both pigtails.

2. Basic Ponytail

Basic Ponytail

Image by: haironthebrain.com

The basic ponytail is one of the most popular cheerleading hairstyle, when it comes to creating a ponytail there are lots of interesting things can do with it. To grab this style is easier than ever, use hair brush or comb and straight hairs to the back of the head until all hair come into a smooth and secure position. You can add variety to this style by placing ponytail on the different places of the head. It can be placed on high, middle or low.

3. High Ponytail

High Ponytail

Source: Pinterest.com

If your squad is not going with ribbons or bows, a high ponytail with a strand of hair would look elegant to be pretty. This is very simple to adopt this style gather all of your hair high at the backside of your head, use a brush to get a smooth look. Pull and lose an at least 2-inch section of hair and wrap it over the ponytail. You may secure your hair using bobby pins underside the ponytail.

4. Half Up/Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Source: pinterest.com

This hairdo would be a great fun for cheerleaders to enjoy the chants; this hairdo is a good standby hairstyle to pick quickly. This is another easy to create a hairstyle for cheerleaders, part hair from temple to temple and fold the top half to back side from your face. Secure remaining hair at the back of your head using an elastic band. To make it more attractive add quaffed front or add a curly touch.

5. Short or Long Hair with Bow

Hair with Bow

Image By: loverstyles.com

The best thing to put on hair, it can be fitted on all above-shared hairstyle, simply use a bow as per your squad choice matched with your dressing. Use bobby pins to secure bow over your hairstyle. No matter you have long or short hair it will be perfectly fit into all kind of hair to grab a professional cheerleading hairstyle.

The bottom line

The above-shared cheerleading hairstyle can be grabbed for all events. As a professional cheerleader, you must know to have your secure hairstyle to keep your performance on, so the easier hairstyle you grab, the better you will perform.

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