13 steps with pictures for the Perfect Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot image by PatryJordan

Have you seen the Celtic Knot headbands recently? If you didn`t, you are missing something big! The Celtic Knot might sound Roman and vintage, but it`s adorable as hell. In case you want every girl in the room keep looking at you (while being jealous), this is the perfect way to do it!

Things you will need

  • Bobby Pin
  • Duck Bill Clip


1. Prepare your Hair first, wash your hair if you sprayed them recently. Washing hair prior to Celtic Knot will help you to achieve a Messy Texture.

2. Take a Small Chunk of Hair from Left Side. Now roll and wrap them around two fingers.

step 2

Image by: PatryJordan

3. Wrap the Chunk around your fingers until you reach the end.

Step 3

Image by: PatryJordan

4. While completing the roll, take another piece of hair from the right side. After Completing the roll holds your look firmly.

Step 4

Image by: PatryJordan

5. As you are holding the look, take the other chunk of hair right next to your look but don`t let them mix. Pay attention, this is going to be sensitive. As you have completed the loop with your left hand, hold it and grab the chunk from your right hand. Hold the other chunk with your Pinky. This way, both chunks will be kept apart as your hand is between them.

Step 5

Image by PatryJordan

6. The best way to do this is by Adding the other chunk of hair between your left hand`s pinky and ring finger. Hold the other chunk in your pinky.

Step 6

Image by PatryJordan

7. It’s time to tilt your hand to reach the strand of other chunks in your fingers with the help of your right hand. Pull the strand underneath from the first section of hair, don`t pull It through the loop.

Step 7

Image by PatryJordan

8. Pull the other section and tighten your hair. While doing it, Grab and pull your hair you believe will become loose after some time.

Step 8

Image by PatryJordan

9.  Put your Right hand at work and place a Duck Bill Clip in front of the look.

Step 9

Image by PatryJordan

10. Get the strand that is on top of your circle and put it through the loop.

Step 10

Image by PatryJordan

11. Do you see the strand on top that is going through your loop? Grab it and push it into the right section of hair. Make sure it comes out of the bottom.

Step 11

Image by PatryJordan


12.  Now find the end of your look and pull it up. Get it over and to the lower part of your loop.

Step 12

Image by PatryJordan

13.  As you have pulled the strand, and it should start resembling a Celtic knot.  Don`t worry if you don`t do it right for the first time. It had taken me eight tries before I reached perfection. It`s time to fiddle up the strands together. Loosen the knot a bit and give your knot voluminous look.

Step 13

Image by PatryJordan

Additional Tips

  • While trying to make it look a bit fluffy, make sure all strands are in place to avoid it looks baggy
  • Insert a bobby pin to secure your hairstyle
  • Try the Celtic knot while your hair is wet, it will make this hairstyle easy.
  • Don`t use hair spray to take care of Flyaway, it can ruin your entire look

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