10 Easiest Steps to achieve Waterfall Braid

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Are you looking for an elegant hairstyle for the upcoming occasion? In case all else fails, you still have a fresh floating style as your backup. Support this gorgeous hairdo and make everyone drop their jaw. The best thing about this hairstyle is, it only looks complicated. Yes, you can achieve this look in only a couple of minutes! Why, you don`t believe us, see for yourself.

Things you will need

  • Comb or Brush
  • Elastic Band
  • Bobby Pins


1. Prepare your Hair for this. Damp hair is best to braid but brush and clean them thoroughly before you start. Try to wash and condition as well. Use a clean towel to get rid of extra moisture. To braid your hair with ease, never completely dry your hair.

Step 1

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2. Start with brushing your hair, Brush to eliminate any knots. To make sure your hairs are knot-free, brush underneath the nape of your neck as well.

Step 2

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3. After making your hairs Knot free, it’s time to part them from the middle.

Step 3

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4. Now Section off the top third of hair. Start section from forehead and continue to part. To make it easy for yourself, use a wide tooth comb for sectioning. While you part, hold one section in your hand. Divide your hair into three sections.

Step 4

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5. After you have completed sectioning your hair, Braid them towards the back of your head in French braid style. As you have completed the first pass, start working on the outside strands of your hair to obtain the French look.

Step 5

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6. Start the Waterfall affect, after you have completed the last part of your first braid, drop the last strand to get a cascade look.

Step 6

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7. Grab a section of hair right below where you dropped the top strand. This new section will continue your French braid.

Step 7

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8. By now you should get the hook of it, proceed by maintaining the water look and pick the next section of hair besides the last on you have just dropped. Continue to braid towards the middle of your head. Repeat the recent steps while braiding and drop the last section and picking a new one right next to it.

Step 8

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9. As you have reached the middle of your head, you need to secure your braid with the help of bobby pins. Keep these in your hands if you require any additional support to keep errant hair right where they belong.

Step 9

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10. Don`t drop your hair as you have reached the center, you need to braid until you are out of hair. When you don`t find any more hair, lock your hairstyle by braiding the remaining strand and lock with the help of Elastic Band.

Step 10

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Additional Tips

  • Don`t Adhere to these steps, adjust them according to your preference
  • Part on your natural side
  • Grit helps holding the braid better, clean hairs are slippery
  • Hide the locked strand under your braids
  • Always Braid tight
  • Smoot the strands as you move forward, don`t leave any bumps as you finish
  • Use bobby pins matching your hair color to achieve a natural look

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