What you need to do to Grow Longer Tresses

There are many myths about how to grow your hair to a long and beautiful length but there are a few proven ways to make sure your hair is long and healthy in the future. The first step to this length is to trim or cut off all the dead and unhealthy (split) ends. For some people this may mean 1/2 “-1” and for others it will mean 4”. The amount of dead ends you have can come from the products you eat, the way you wash, style, and treat your hair, how often you exercise, and even how often you get your hair trimmed.

I Recommend Trimming Every 3-6 Weeks

Healthy hair should be trimmed every 3-6 weeks to maintain minimal split ends. Rinsing your hair in cold water after washing it with conditioner will also help with the health of your hair. The cold water closes the cuticle of the hair allowing it to resist tangles and damage.

Don’t Blow-Dry Your Hair All the Time

Try not to blow-dry your hair all the time. High heat can damage hair. When you do blow-dry your hair make sure you use a product that will help protect your hair from the heat of the dryer. Likewise don’t use heated tools on your hair every day. If you are going to use a hot tool on your tresses make sure your use a heat protectant before-hand.

Exercise and Good Diet is a Must

Exercise and good diet will have the biggest effect on your hair growth. Eating a balanced diet will assist your body in growing hair since it needs the proper nutrients to be able to make it. Physical activity will increase this growth too because your blood flow will increase and deliver more nutrients to the hair bulb and follicle. Try eating a balanced diet most of the week (5 days) and perform a 30 minute workout a few times a week as well.

Massage Your Head

Another way to ensure growth and health of your hair is to massage your head. This will increase the blood flow to your head as well delivering more nutrients to your hair bulb and follicle. Whenever you have the time like during your lunch break or while watching TV, massage your head around your scalp.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

The next tip I have for you is to not wash your hair every day. There is more than one benefit to this. Dirty hair tends to be easier to style. Dirty hair is also easier to color. There are other ways to keep your hair looking good rather than over washing. A good product for this is dry shampoo. Many women/girls complain if they don’t wash their hair every day it will be greasy or oily, dry shampoo will take care of that without stripping the hair of the oils it needs to stay healthy. Part of what keeps the hair healthy is Keratin, there are products made with Keratin to help maintain the health of your hair. When and if you use hair color and shampoo, try to use products with lots of Keratin to ensure the best health for your hair.

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