Teasing Your Hair Properly for That Va-Va Voom Volume

Teased hair example Source: Bombshell beauty by AnnStreetStudio

I personally am always looking for new ways to do my hair. I find myself constantly on Pinterest and the internet looking for the latest and greatest hairstyles and ways to give your hair that new look. It seems to be that the bigger the hair the better these days just as it was back in the early 80s. One way I’ve seen this is being done is with teasing. My hair is fine to begin with and thin, so to tease it, let’s just say it looks like a rat’s nest. But there are some valuable tips and tricks to tease your hair to give you the big hair you want without looking like you have a bird’s nest in your hair.

Wash, Dry, and Brush

Teasing hair that is wet is never a good idea as I found it just tangles everything up more. What a mess that was to untangle. After you wash your hair consider drying it with your head upside down. This helps encourage volume from the get-go. Brush out tangles to avoid them getting caught up in the teasing process.

Section Your Hair

Section your hair from the crown of your head and move the rest of the hair clipping it away from the area being worked on. A good section size to work with is 2 inches. Smaller sections take longer and volume may be stiffer once it’s sprayed.

Start with your hair towards the crown of your head and work your way down the shaft. If you want volume just at the crown, then simply work at the roots and not down the hair shaft.

Holding the section in one hand, hold it straight and brush back the hair to the back section of hair. The brush should be held a few inches about your scalp while brushing it backwards. Repeat this motion until you’ve reached the desired volume. If your hair is curly you won’t need to tease it as much. Once you’re done teasing, spray with hairspray to hold the volume.

Hide the Tangles

Your hair may look a hot mess but don’t fret. Using your fingers, create a cage around the hair that’s teased while hiding and then holding the tangles in place. Brush the unteased hair but make sure you aren’t touching the teased sections. Smoothing the teased sections makes it look natural but if you want it to look crazy and wild this step should be skipped.

Style Your Hair

Once you’ve teased all your hair you can style it. This can be a ponytail by pushing strands at your roots and twist and pin them into place. Bobby pins can also help secure a teased hairstyle. If you want to create a beehive style, anchor it to your head using pins and pinning it towards the back of your head.

Teasing your hair does take some practice and can give your hair the volume you want. When you master the skill, your hair has the capability to have volume like you’ve never seen before. It’s taken me some time and a lot of practice I will admit, but I finally have began to master some simple teasing styles.

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