Celebrity Hairstyles you should try in March

One thing I love about hair styles is you can change them without spending money. When it comes to clothes, the styles change so quickly I just can’t keep up. I am about to show you the best celebrity hairstyles to try this March and explain how to achieve them. I will do them for different lengths of hair and different events like going to the gym, the movies, or just to work.

Medium to Long hair
Vanessa Hudgens

The messy up do is good for just about anything; the gym, a girls night, or a trip to the super market. This hair style works better when you have naturally wavy or curly hair. Wash your hair (or if it is already in its natural state skip this part) and let it air dry. Forget everything you were taught about perfect and bump-less ponytails. Don’t even worry about flipping your head over to position your hair where you want it. Take all your hair and pull in up to the upper back tip of your head and place your ponytail holder around it. If you have any bangs or baby hairs let them fly loos don’t worry about pinning them up, this adds personality to the look. Now take the remaining hair that is hanging down from the pony tail and wrap it around the base of your pony tail and tuck the ends into your loose band. That’s it. Easy and cute and looks like it took a lot longer than it did.

Long Hair
Side Ponytail

Photo by Michael Buckner

The side ponytail is a nice style for dinner or work. This is a semi messy style that doesn’t take much work. Pull your hair loosely to one side and put your pony tail holder around it. Shake your pony tail to release any short layers that may slip out later. Spread the hair just above the pony tail so it sweeps down instead of bunching together. Now take a small piece of hair from below the pony tail holder and wrap it around the pony tail holder to conceal it and pin the end of that piece into the pony tail with a bobby pin from the inside of the pony tail (the inside would be the part of the pony tail closest to your head).

Short Hair

Short Hairstyle women

This style is very simple and can be good for any low key activities. I would not recommend this style if you are headed to the gym or out for a run because it will fall and be everywhere. While drying your hair use a round brush to bring the edges under toward your face and take the top back toward the top of your head. After completely drying your hair very loosely (the very here is important) pull majority of your hair to the back of your head, gathering it in one location. You can secure this one with a pony tail holder or bobby pins, I prefer bobby pins for this one. I use bobby pins in an X shape to hold the hair in place. After securing your hair take the end of a tail comb and use it to pull up the top pieces of your hair and lightly spray them in place to give volume. You can do this several times to give more volume and create a messier look.

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